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Crafter's Nexus Donator Tier Perks

This page lists a table with all Donator permissions for our tier-based ranks.
Donor Tier Contributor Donor Supporter Benefactor
Custom Discord Nick
Custom Discord Color
/back (on teleport)
/back (on death)
Use In-Game Color Codes
Custom Discord Channel
Anti-AFK Kick
Bypass /feed Cooldown
Founder-Locked Discord Channel
Kits Mobdrops Mobdrops, Tools/Armor Mobdrops, Tools/Armor, Resources Mobdrops, Tools/Armor, Resources, TBD
Extra Homepoints 3 (total of 5) 8 (total of 10) 13 (total of 15) 97 (total of 99)
Price $10 $25 $50 $75