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Crafter's Nexus Rules List

Server rules are listed here.

Crafter's Nexus Rules


  1. Ignorance is absolutely never an excuse!
  2. The rules may change at any time without notice.
  3. By joining our community and playing on our servers you agree to these disclaimers and ALL the following rules/sub-rules.


  • Staff members (and their directives) are to be respected and obeyed, if you have a grievance, please file it appropriately with management.
  • A player’s property is their own, do not violate this in any way.
    • When adding another player to a property, they are now in essence acting with your blessing in all ways relating to the property. And any items taken from the property will not be treated as theft/griefing. In addition any bug exploiting or duplication taking place in a claim will be lumped onto ALL players inside that claim as guilty.
  • Remain friendly when talking to others.
    • Profanity is prohibited outside of 18+ channels on discord, voice chats and server chats.
  • Impersonating staff members will not be tolerated.
  • Do not PvP bypass in any way to kill non-consenting players.
  • Only speak english in public chats, including discord.
  • Requests towards moderators or admins need to be submitted via /ticket, forum thread or a private/direct message in-game. (Do not message us on the forums)
  • Chat rules apply to playernames, nicknames, signs and any other communication method
  • Do not use excessive caps
  • Unintentional griefing is to be reported to staff immediately.
  • If you cost the server too many server resources (Overstating) Staff will not hesitate to undo your work.
  • Resources should be mined in the Farmworld, help us keep our Overworld pretty! (Any major destruction found in the Overworld should be properly reported).
  • Abusing a second account as a chunk loader will not be tolerated.
  • Abusing bugs, dupes or exploits will be prosecuted. If found, report to the private bug report section of the forums.
  • Using unauthorized client mods or other modifications that act as or similarly to cheats are not allowed. If you're unsure about a mod, ask in discord support.
  • You may be issued refunds according to the situation, however you may also not be refunded items, data, or any other lost material(s), this will be decided on a case by case basis by staff.
  • Respect each other, you may not share the same opinion.
  • Use common sense.
  • Do not start arguments. If there is a consenting pair of players who both mutually wish to argue something, go to your pm's.
  • No discrimination, racism or other taboo subjects.
  • NO NSFW. This includes the 18+ channel.
  • No advertising or posting links to other servers without getting permission from a Director+.
  • No discussion of illegal topics or criminal actions.
  • No Spamming
  • No Politics or controversial topics outside of specified channels
  • Punishments can be given by any staff member at any time if you break our rules.
  • Don't agree with a staff member? Create a staff complaint/appeal.
  • All of these rules apply both within game, our discord, forums, teamspeak, and any other community areas belonging to or purposed for The Crafter’s Nexus Network

Streaming Rules:

  • Don't spam your stream link
  • Links posted must have our IP in the stream title.
  • You must be streaming on Crafter's Nexus as of posting, or plan to within a reasonable amount of time.
  • You cannot stream on rival networks / advertise them within 30 or so minutes of posting your stream link.