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Hello everyone!

As we are moving into 2021, we are continuing to work on the growth and the development of our network. With the additions of new servers and the increasing amount of new faces around here, we are now looking to you, the players, in order to find new additions to the staff team. These additions will enter the team as moderators and will be able to take part in propelling this community into the future.

As a moderator, you are an integral part of the community. In fact you will be the very image of the staff team as moderators are at the front line, directly interacting with the playerbase in-game, on the forums and on discord. Moderators are responsible for ensuring the safety of our players by enforcing the network rules, answering questions and showing an in-game staff presence by continuing to play the game we all enjoy. In addition, you also get to work with a variety of different staff members from all over the world with different roles, ideas and backgrounds.

Being a moderator allows you to give back to this community allthewhile continuing to enjoy the Minecraft experience and develop your problem-solving skills, meet new people, take on a large variety of different tasks and help Crafter's Nexus continue its growth and development.

If you are interested in, and believe you could take on the role as a moderator, you can submit your application here.

We look forward to working with you!

-The CN management team
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